Fighting a losing battle after a fire… We were referred to Haislar Construction through our insurance carrier. I have never had the privilege of working with such an amazing contractor. Your company never made me feel like I was a pain or that I was stupid. I asked endless questions, you taught me skills I did not have, and always with a smile. We received a beautiful, well built apartment complex and we were also blessed with your caring, professional ethical approach to business and life in general.

Thank you!

Lake St. Charles Retirement Center

I have used Haislar Construction over the past 20 years for projects at my home. I refer them to my family, and that is a testimony in itself. The result of the work is great, but I would expect that from any company that I hire. What was always most impressive to me was as the end of the day, my house was cleaned up. The work wasn’t complete and they could have left it like a construction site, but they didn’t. You could see Irv, owner, with a broom sweeping and in his socks so he didn’t mess up any other part of my home. I feel like this company treats other’s property, as their own.

Great work,

Denise Burch

Haislar Construction was referred to me by a friend. I was a full time medical student, raising my two kids, married and taking care of my home in Illinois, taking care of my dad with Alzheimer’s, and my plate was so full that I couldn’t take on one more thing. After getting my dad settled in a home, I received a call that his pipes burst and flooded the house. I had no idea what to do or how to proceed. I hired Haislar and Irv took care of EVERYTHING. He put a lock box on the house, coordinated all subs, dried out the home, and restored it so it was even better than before. I never had to go over there to supervise. Every question was handled over the internet or phone and he billed exactly according to the insurance bid. What a relief to be able to trust somebody with a house and not think twice about it.

Sheryl Chumley

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